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Why Blog?

Why am I creating this Blog? My title – Building a Dream Life – filled with Joy, Enthusiasm and PASSION says it all not that I have this but because I want to create that in my life.

Currently I have what one might call a flat life, no up’s and down’s,  so one might say an even keel. In some ways this is much better than the deep chronic depression that I have experienced most of my life. I want more.  I saw a show on TV and they were talking to people who had made progress in a change that they were wanting in their lives and they were feeling pretty good about it.  Then the question was asked, “Why are you willing to stop here? Why don’t you want to go all the way?”

I had to ask myself the same thing, “Why am I willing to stop with a FLAT life, better than deep depression, when I can go for it all?” My answer was shocking.  I wanted the flat life because I was at my comfort level for pushing myself and it was uncertain what I would have to face by pushing forward.

I have heard many times, “If you want something then give it away.”  I haven’t done so well trying to create a dream life so far by keeping my old life so here it goes.  I freely and willing let go of the things that hold me to my FLAT life and I move into a DREAM life with Joy, Enthusiasm and PASSION.

There is the more traditional meaning of this phrase as well.  If you want joy then give it away.  If you want more prosperity in your life then give generously.  I intend to follow this as well by joyously, enthusiastically, and passionately creating this blog site.  As readers of this blog I’m asking you to hold me accountable and your comments will be greatly appreciated.

In attempting to create a dream life I have gained some knowledge over the years.  Some would call it expertise but I would call it just wishful thinking.  Now is the time to put the thinking into practice and say enough is enough and I want it now.  Maybe you have similar thoughts or just simply want to create a dream life.  Follow my journey, comment, or share this blog with others.  In this way we will journey together and support each other.  Some may say that it might look messy along the way but we will know that it is a DREAM coming to Flower.  As they say, “You can’t have roses without compost.”

Please join me in a toast as we connect our Joys and Passion.

“May we make fragrant compost in the posts to come.”

As a member of the Order of Interbeing founded by Ven. Thich Nhat Hanh I have had the opportunity to look at the nature of inter-connectedness.  As much as I would like to keep my hermit nature I can give that away too.  The model of this blog is based on a 2,500 year old tried and true plan which has stood the test of time.  You will find Eight Categories, mindfulness, action, speech, livelihood, concentration, intention, thinking and view, among others that will allow us to explore our lives and to create the DREAM life we want.  Not my dream for you but your Dream life for you.

We Walk TOgether
Rev Marvin Brown
Chan Thien Tan / True Good Energy

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