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New Year Firewalking

First Time Firewalking

Reverend Marvin Brown is uniquely qualified to blend together Eastern philosophy with Western thought. Starting out in his family’s newspaper business as a writer/reporter and working most of his adult life in the printing industry, he understands being deadline driven and the stress of the corporate world.

Marvin started a journey to learn how to temper that stress and to achieve peace and joy in his life. During his journey, he spent two years as a full time resident at Manzanita Village, a Buddhist retreat center, in southern California. He has four years ministerial training at Teaching of the Inner Christ. His eclectic background also includes membership on the board and training at Unity, Religious Science and Episcopal churches.

Marvin is ordained in the Order of Interbeing, (Tiep Hien), founded by Ven. Thich Nhat Hanh, a Buddhist Order. He is also ordained an inter- denominational minister through the International Council of Community Churches and a New Thought minister through the Community Church of New Thought. By his friends, Marvin is often referred to as a displaced monk, which allows him to bring the mystical and contemplative perspective into everyday living. Marvin teaches mindfulness practice and classes on New Thought, metaphysics, mysticism and the history of religion and churches. Students report that his clear, simple and diverse way of explaining things make it easy to understand and apply. Marvin’s diversity in experience, education and thought provides a profound basis for sharing and teaching “lay” people principles to improve their lives through mindfulness and being aware.